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A web application that automates the organization of liked Spotify tracks into playlists, sorting them by criteria such as artist, like or release date, duration etc.

Once the playlist is created, Playlistation automatically monitor the liked tracks to keep them up to date.

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    Feb 2024 - Now

    I'm now freelancing, and looking for new challenges. If you want to work with me, you can contact me on LinkedIn or hire me on Malt.

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    Oct 2021 - Feb 2024 · 2.5 years

    Yousign is a French electronic signature provider serving over 15,000 customers. It offers signature requests via a SaaS application or an API integrated into customer tools.

    As part of the Scale feature team, I focused on integrating Yousign application with internal and external tools

    • Subscription management: Improved the self-serve in-app subscription page and restricted features and quotas based on the plan and add-ons.
    • Sales-assisted workflow: Enabled salespeople to send quotes to customers for onboarding or upgrading subscriptions.
    • Back office: Optimized customer care processes to enhance client support.
  3. Le Figaro logo

    Le Figaro

    Oct 2018 - Sep 2021 · 3 years

    Le Figaro, France's oldest national newspaper, is available both online and in print every day.

    As part of the CMS team, we were responsible for creating a new CMS from the ground up. This new system was aimed at replacing an outdated desktop application, significantly improving the user experience. The project aimed to create a bi-media CMS capable of handling both website and print articles. Today, the CMS manages content across most of Le Figaro group’s brands.

    • Improved collaboration: Real-time interactions between users to take or give the edition ownership of an article.
    • Press release notification: Real-time notifications from press agencies AFP & Reuters, configurable by importance and topics.
    • Media Library: Multiple photo and video data sources integrated within the CMS.
  4. 2Spark logo


    Sep 2015 - Sep 2018 · 3 years

    2Spark was a startup, now integrated into Syfadis. The product was an application to help big companies conduct transformation projects in the form of a quiz. Each collaborator was asked daily questions about the transformation project (a new tool, new security rules, the digitalization of a process, etc.).
    • Mood Survey Chatbot: Allowing clients to gauge the pulse during the transformation project.
    • Migrating a legacy application to a modern stack: Migrated an old Moodle application to a Symfony backend with a React PWA (progressive web app), enabling faster implementation of new features.
    • New question creation engine: Made it easier for editors to create questions. The new engine could handle translatable questions so a single one could be asked in several languages.
    • Reporting dashboard: Replacing a large Excel file with a dynamic in-app dashboard.
  5. Europe1 (Lagardère Active) logo

    Europe1 (Lagardère Active)

    Sep 2013 - Sep 2015 · 2 years

    Lagardère Active is the media branch of the Lagardère group. Europe 1, one of Lagardère Active brand, is a famous french news website and a radio station.
    • Europe1 website modernization: Migrating both the CMS back-office and the frontend from a statically generated website to a dynamic one
    • Cross team homepage management tool From a simple list of article to a visual representation of their size on the homepage
    • Cross team homepage management tool From a simple list of article to a visual representation of their size on the homepage
    • Internal Google Chrome extension: Assisting journalists and developers during the migration process.